Storybook 3

English / Malti

This year's storybook is a fun-filled educational activity book full of games, EU-related information, competitions and much more. You can learn tips on how to live a more eco-friendly life… or you can play snakes and ladders with your friends… or do some crafts with your guardians… read a joke, or rack your brains with some tricky games.

Through a comic-style presentation of the video, you will be able to understand the process of change that the EU has ignited in order to encourage people of all ages and races to develop a sustainable future for all nations and generations.

Storybook 2

English / Malti

Our Storybook includes lots of fun things to do as well as a brief rundown of the video. It's got lots of games like a word search, crossword, spot the difference, ludo, origami and colouring pages.

All you have to do is print the games out to play with your family and friends. There's also a lot of information about voluntary work and first-hand experiences by other kids just like you!

Storybook 1

English / Malti

Our first storybook takes you back in time, all the way back when the European Union was formed and explains what the EU is there to do.